Our experience and the opinion of our clients has meant that all our jobs are budgeted per hour worked.

This way of budgeting means that every detail is taken care of in the works and experience has shown us that it is finally more competitive than closed budgets.

At all times the client will have knowledge of each phase of the work and of the hours consumed according to budget.

On this page you can see our hourly prices. Prices do not include VAT. These are the rates for the year 2023.

We apply a 10% DISCOUNT on long-term jobs and our good clients.

Company manager: Josef Nyvlt

Price list

  • Professional and restoration work 23 €/hour
  • Help and light work 13 €/hour
  • Stone margins from 50 €/m2
  • Electricity and Plumbing 25 €/hour
  • Chainsaw work 25 €/hour
  • Brushcutter work 18 €/hour
  • Pruning in height 35 €/hour
  • Professional wood chipper 35 €/hour
  • Self Build with me 25 €/hour